Laporta ‘s breach of promise

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Joan Laporta has broken most of his promises since returning to the club’s chairmanship six months ago. Particularly in the case of letting Lionel Messi join on a free transfer.

Joan Laporta returned to the position of chairman of Barcelona for a second round of six months after winning the March 7 election. But coming into the role was much more difficult than becoming the club’s first president in 2003. 

Laporta succeeded Barcelona as president from 2003-2010, becoming the best team in the history of beautiful football. It has a unique identity that shocks the whole world.

Although his inter-election campaign this year doesn’t have the strongest foundation. But thanks to past successes, Laporta has gained the trust of Socios or club members who voted for him to be the leader again.

no matter what happened in the past But the past is just the past In the current bad situation The club needs someone who is ready to step in and bring the club back into the best possible shape. After the Azul Grana team has turned into ruins, leaving no trace of its former grandeur. 

No one expected Barcelona to be able to challenge the title of European champions after Laporta returned to the club’s leadership six months ago, but at least the 59-year-old should have a concrete plan for the club’s revival to return. Return to the path of greatness again.


Politicians like Laporta are committed and will keep it to the best of their ability. Many club presidents will plan for infrastructure that has never been built before, and people like Laporta will do the same.

The goal is simple. The more ambitious I see in my plans. Confidence grows even deeper on those who can empower them in a democratic way. even sometimes Candidates may overestimate their abilities for changing their circumstances. And hence it is easy to break promises. No case can be a better example than the case of Laporta.

A pledge is a debt and when taking the position The club’s president also owes his supporters to keep his word. On June 20, just a week before Lionel Messi will leave Camp Nou, Laporta once said: