Pep Guardiola has to cancel a press conference

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Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, has to cancel a press conference before meeting Newcastle on Friday afternoon locally. They may also miss a visit to St. James’ Park when they are at high risk of COVID-19. We are quarantining according to health/safety measures.

The problem arose for the 50- year- old boss after returning from Barcelona in the middle of last week. to attend the retirement press conference Due to health problems of alumni Sergio Aguero ‘ Kun ‘ 

A report from the ‘ Manchester Eve V still Newsweek ‘ that resulted in ‘ s TK ‘ introduction of Pepsi was poste Sensitive However, it may be a discrepancy or error. So I am waiting for a detailed examination ‘ PCR ‘ again , but was then detain separately. This is the reason why I can’t sit and make a statement with my brothers and sisters in the media.  

The duty of the press conference to deliver to the right-hand man Juanma Liyo and in the event. That his big brother is really infected with covids. It must be an important assistant in front of the army commanding the ufabet game plan.  

According to the standard, people with COVID – 19 who have been vaccinate with a full dose of vaccine will recover after 10 days. The recovery time PCR If the test comes out negative two times in the last 24 hours,.  

If Pep Guardiola is in quarantine for 10 days, he will miss four matches in charge of Newcastle ( away ), Leicester ( home ), Brentford ( away ) and Arsenal ( away ).

Incidentally than cardio as a board of Manchester City, who attended the press conference hung stud of ‘ Kun ‘ , together with the director . Sporting ‘s Ricky Bell’s Chris Stein and coach Loren chain on. Guanaventura