Thailand national football team after being in Pot 2

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“Force war elephant” Thailand national football team was placed in a bowl. With two on Billboard’s Top World (FIFA the Vikings) to be use in the lottery segment in competitive soccer Asian Cup 2023 qualifying round three. During this October,

Thailand national football team with the latest of 24 teams that will compete in the third qualifying round to qualify 11 nations. Through to play in the final round. After previously. There were all 12 nations. Including China, the host of this tournament who entered the final round.

In this round, there will be a total of 6 groups. Which will select the best 1st team of the group, plus 5 best 2nd place teams. A total of 11 teams qualifying for the finals in China in 2023.

With Thailand being place in pot two, there’s a chance they’ll face tough teams in pot one. Such as Uzbekistan Bahrain Jordan Kyrgyzstan. And Palestine and India. Who rank higher in the world. we

Summary of the 24 team pot that will be use to divide the group in the 2023 Asian Cup qualifying round third round.

Pot 1: Uzbekistan (84) Bahrain (89) Jordan (91) Kyrgyzstan (98) Palestine (99) India (108)

Pot 2: Tajikistan (113)  Thailand (122) Philippines (128) Turkmenistan (131) Kuwait (142) Myanmar (145)